Unlock Phones

We can unlock your mobile phones here. We offer several different options for mobile unlocking, depending on the make and model. When manufactured, almost all phones are capable of using a SIM card from any network. The network operators that originally provided the phone will typically lock it to their network only making it unusable with a foreign SIM card for example. The unlock will not alter anything like Contact list, SMS messages, emails, bookmarks, photos, music etc etc. It just removes the SIM’s restrictions.

Why unlock your phone?

  • Increased Value – Unlocked phones have a higher resale value!
  • Freedom Abroad – Use your unlocked phone abroad anywhere, save money on roaming charges!
  • Change Network – Change between networks if you aren’t satisfied with your network provider!


99% of phones can be unlocked, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony. If you want to unlcok your phone, just fill our online quote form. Tell us the make and model of your phone, the network it is locked and the IMEI of your phone. Finding your IMEI is simple. Press *#06# on your phone keypad and the number will appear. If you can’t turn the phone on you will also find the IMEI beneath the battery or cover.

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